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Nutrient Application

With years of expertise and experience,
VTF-Sunrise to meet all of your nutrient needs


Lime & Gypsum Application

Lime and gypsum provide the soil with micronutrients to improve plant health.  Our trucking division can haul the product for you from numerous suppliers and our spreaders are able to apply at a flat or variable rate.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Poultry Litter

Poultry litter is one of most beneficial ways to increase phosphorus and organic matter in your soils and can be a cost-effective way to fertilize your fields. We work with those that have an abundant supply of manure to provide, as well as with customers that are looking to purchase manure for their fields.

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Commercial Fertilizers

With the capability to haul bulk loads of fertilizer to your farm or deliver nurse wagons of liquid fertilizer during planting and side dress season, we have your liquid fertilizer needs covered.  We also have a commercial scale dry fertilizer blender to provide customers with a customized mixture of products as needed.

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