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Cover Cropping

In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. VTF Sunrise excels in cover crop seeding.  New for 2023, we have a Fendt Rogator 900 machine that we can utilize for fertilizer application as well as cover cropping. This machine allows us to get 700-800 acres completed in 1 day. It is equipped with camera sense technology that will self-operate the machine throughout each field of crops.



Cover crop decisions can sometimes be overwhelming at first, but VTF-Sunrise is here to help. Check out the FAQ's and resources below or contact us to speak to one of expert team members.

What are the benefits of using cover crops?

  • Reduces erosion

  • Decreases soil compaction

  • Lowers nitrogen losses 

  • Increases organic matter

  • Improves weed control

  • Increases water infiltration

  • Improves soil biological activity

What methods are available for planting cover crops?

  • Airplanes 

  • Air cart seeders 

  • Grain drills

  • Air-boomed fertilizer trucks

  • Spinner box fertilizer trucks

  • Drills 

  • 12 volt seeders

  • VTF Sunrise Cover Cropper.

What types of cover crops are available?

  • Annual Ryegrass

  • Cereal Rye

  • Crimson Clover

  • Oilseed Radish

  • Austrian Winter Peas

  • Cow Peas

  • Hairy Vetch

  • Wheat

What are the benefits of early seeding?

  • Provides more vegetative growth for improved soil tilth

  • Improves germination

  • Early rain falls provide increased yields

  • Aids in harvesting crops during wet seasons

  • More accurate seed placement than aerial seeding

Additional Resources

Conservation Stewardship Program

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) offers payments for planting cover crops

H2Ohio Program

H2Ohio program also offers partnerships for planting cover crops

Cover Crop Recipes

Common Cover Crop Recipes from the Midwest Cover Crop Council

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