Cover Crops & Custom Application


Why use cover crops?

  • It helps protect the soil and increases the overall health of the soil, while decreasing erosion and run-off.

What methods are there to use?

  • Airplanes, air cart seeders, grain drills, air-boomed fertilizer trucks, spinner box fertilizer trucks, drills, 12 volt seeders & VTF Sunrise Cover Cropper.

What types of cover crops are there?

  • Annual Ryegrass

  • Cereal Rye

  • Crimson Clover

  • Oilseed Radish

  • Austrian Winter Peas

  • Cow Peas

  • Hairy Vetch

  • Wheat

What are the benefits of early seeding?

  • Provides more vegetative growth for improved soil tilth

  • Improves germination

  • Early rain falls provide increased yields

  • Aids in harvesting crops during wet seasons

  • More accurate seed placement than aerial seeding

VTF Sunrise excels in cover crop seeding. In 2012, we built a customized cover crop seeder that's capable of seeding 400-500 acres/day. The design has been improved since then, but we are always focusing on new conservation ideas. Please click the picture to learn more about the seeder.

Custom Application


For each specific field, we offer custom applications (whether liquid or dry) for all our customers. Our array of assorted equipment provides a thorough and specific application each and every time.

  • Hands free auto-steering on all application equipment

    • Quality application provides no skips and no waste on overlap

  • 120' Booms & 106" - 154" variable tread width

  • 6' Crop Clearance

  • Six CAT RoGator Sprayers

  • Two Cat RoGator Spreaders

  • Four Litter/Manure/Lime Spreaders


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