Poultry Litter

Litter is one of the most beneficial ways to increase calcium and magnesium in the soil and can be a cost-effective way to benefit your fields. Here at VTF Sunrise, we work with those that have an abundant supply of manure to provide, as well as customers that are looking at purchasing manure for their fields. 

Our trucking division hauls manure to the proper fields and we use Tebbe HS 220 spreaders for an accurate and even application. The dual rotating beaters churn the manure into a fine material application, which is monitored with an electronic weighing system on each spreader.


We ask that all purchasers have a manure management plan in place and on file, prior to the application process to ensure all manure guidelines are adhered to. "A Manure Management Plan is designed to minimize water pollution and protect waters of the state and is required as part of the Permit to Operate" per the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  

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