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What is Crop Insurance?

Basic crop insurance is managed federally, through a board of directors and the Secretary of Agriculture. It promotes the economic stability of agriculture, and since it is federal, all companies that sell crop insurance must use the same base price and calculations from the different types of plans, provided in the crop insurance hand book. This is a universal tool used by ALL crop insurance companies, who must follow protocol. The Risk Management Association (RMA), the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC), and the USDA all collaborate to create this book, so basic crop insurance is generally the same.

Why is Crop Insurance Important?


Weather - as we know it - can be unpredictable. Crop insurance guarantees a farmer a certain yield percentage or price per acre for their crop(s), even if the weather, economy, or another hardship prevents that crop from actually reaching adquate levels. Crop insurance ensures farmers that their hard work during planting and harvesting doesn't go unnoticed or unaccounted for. With a number of different plans offered, the farmer can decide what he or she finds most important, along with the best way to protect themselves. RCIS (Rural Community Insurance Agency) has affordable and appealing supplemental options and special risk options that cover a wide range of policies that are unique to the agricultural world. With diverse options but a common goal, RCIS links with VTF succinctly to serve our customers' ever-changing needs.


Why choose VTF?


VTF Crop Insurance is ran succinctly from VanTilburg Farms and VTF Excavation, which makes it convenient for existing customers in order to be able to stop in one place. Many of the same customers who purchase fertilizer and chemicals, also purchase their crop insurance through VTF. Plus, with the familiarity of farming, VTF is ready to provide guidance through the process of choosing a policy and yield percentage. We work with farmers every day for their annual planting and harvesting operations, so choosing VTF Crop Insurance will save time and money.

Policy Options



Special Risk

Yield Protection (YP)

Revenue Protection (RP)


To learn more please visit http://www.rma.usda.gov/policies


Matt VanTilburg


Courtney Rolfes


2010 - present

2010 - present

Important Crop Insurance Information

Customer Testimonials


            Lance Bransteter

                          "I have been getting crop insurance from VTF and dealing with Matt since 2009. He makes it easy with e-mailing me quotes and meeting with me at the job site. When I get busy and forget about it, he makes sure it gets taken care of."


           Tom Garwood

                          "I have been with VTF Crop Insurance for four years. I have been kept up-to-date and well-informed. My coverage and options are reviewed yearly, along with ongoing changes due to crop conditions. I am very happy with the service provided." 






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