The History of VanTilburg Farms, Inc.

VanTilburg Farms, Inc. was incorporated in 1977, but the agrarian history started long ago. Boyd VanTilburg, the great-grandfather of current co-owners Matt, Kyle, and Luke VanTilburg, began farming in 1902. In trade for food and board, he helped Roy Snavely farm 160 acres. Over one hundred years later, that same tract of ground is still rented from the same family by the VanTilburgs'. Boyd's son, Harold, followed in his father's agricultural footsteps. In 1993, Harold decided to retire and sold his shares to his son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Brenda (Dieringer) VanTilburg.


In 2010, Jim and Brenda let their three sons take the reins of the operation. Matt graduated from the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in 1995 with a degree in Ag Commerce. He is now the manager of our fertilizer, chemical and seed division. In March of 1998, Kyle graduated from Northwestern College with a degree in Agricultural Mechanics and manages the excavation operation. Luke attended classes at Wright State University where he obtained his Masters in Business and Administration (MBA). He is the organization's CFO. This makes the fourth generation of VanTilburgs to have the privilege of being an American farmer.


Matt, Kyle, and Luke would like to thank Jim, Brenda, Helen, and Harold VanTilburg (pictured below) for planting the seeds and developing the roots that have led to the success of VTF. Thank You, We Love You.

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